More than 20 years of experience in consulting services

Caz Asesores


We have a multidisciplinary team of accountants, auditors, lawyers, with training in the area to provide the best service to our clients.

Our professionals come together with a view to a clear objective, which is, to provide comprehensive advice to companies, to accompany them in each step or decision they must take and thus consider each of the areas or regulations that are applicable to each specific case.

Having a multidisciplinary team brings many benefits since each professional area contributes its own in terms of perspective to ensure greater capacity to resolve cases.


Our consultancy was founded in 2000 and has shown constant growth over the years.

We already have more than twenty years of experience in business consulting, so that we can give our clients the security of practical knowledge that is required to be able to provide the most appropriate solution for the specific case.

Personalized service

One of the main characteristics that distinguish us is the closeness we have with our clients and the trust that they place in us as a result, which is manifested in a very good relationship.

At CAZ, we highly value each of our clients, and we want them to feel close to us, so that communication with clients is constant, direct and enjoyable, as well as the responses to the queries raised by them are quick and accurate. , which helps us to deepen the relationship with each of them.

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